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Khajuraho, once the great Chandela capitalis now in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. It is considered that their were eighty five temples, of which only a few have survived and are visited by tourists across the world. The temples at Khajuraho are radiant examples of medieval Indian architecture. History states that during 950 and AD 1050 it was built by the Chandels. Every temple has an amazing story to communicate.Khajuraho is derived from the khajur or date palm trees that use to exist during those days.

The temples are built on the theme of man and nature, as the source of all life and creation.Coarse granite was used in the earlier temples, but the most famous ones - including the World Heritage monuments known as the Western Group of temples - are mostly built in fine-grained buff, pink and pale yellow sandstone, quarried from neighbouring Panna. The temples belong to different religious sects like Shaiva, Vaishnava and Jain and mark the culmination of the northern Indian or Nagara style of temple architecture.

There are expressions of the myriad aspects of Indian life - god and goddesses, guardians of the quarters, sensuous and graceful apsaras (nymphs), surasundaris (attendants of higher divinities), salabhanjikas (tree nymphs) in infinite moods and postures.
It is the romantic couples of Khajuraho, appearing mostly on the panels of the sandhara temples, that have drawn utmost attention.

The gestures exhibit great passion, sensitivity, joy and warmth.It is indeed the a unique tourist spot in India and must be visited by all tourists.