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The Farmer¹s Market is an initiative by Mrs. Upasana Bajaj Kumar to provide a platform for people who wish to showcase their fresh, locally grown produce. It is our sincere endeavor to get homegrown, homemade, organic vegetables & fresh produce within the reach of maximum people. Buying fresh, buying local & leading a healthy lifestyle – this is the environment that we wish to create. Our aim is also to facilitate fair trade, cut out middlemen and let people buy directly from farmers. All produce sold here is organic & fresh since it is locally produced and has travelled less. We want families to come & spend their Sunday evenings trying homegrown local food. We also organise different activities every Sunday. At TFM, we have gone beyond fresh fruits & vegetables. We offer seasonal farm produce, gluten-free and vegan sweets & savouries, homemade sauces that you’d drool over, healthy drinks, A2 milk, and milk products, etc. We also have a gamut of products ranging from natural beauty products, vegetable bags made from organic cloth, organic honey, seeds, plants, etc. TFM is nuzzled in lush green surroundings has a Market Cafe where home chefs are serving you fresh food has workshops that keep you engaged & entertained while you learn something new & a kids area which keep your kids happily occupied on a Sunday evening!

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The widespread consumption of genetically modified and fertiliser laden food has caused an adverse effect on the health and wellbeing of people. To revive the age-old practices of organic farming, Clarks Amer has come up with a unique concept of Farmer’s Market. Partner with us to be a part of this journey.